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Events at Field To Fork

Coffee and Book

Wine and Charcuterie

We love our hand selected wines that come from down the road and across the world. We boast a wide selection that can't be found at any other store or restaurant within 50 miles, and we carry a selection that's made just a few miles away and are some of Indiana's best sellers. Our Charcuterie is comprised of the highest quality smoked meats by Pig's Tale Charcuterie, a local shop owned by two amazingly creative hoosiers.

Fixing Light


This will vary from learning how to grow hydroponics, to learning about the typical journey your food takes to your plate, to studying the Word with close friends, new and old. We want to offer the community a place to grow and learn in an environment that's welcoming and relaxing.


Learning Local

We want to equip the community with the ability to perform tasks that are undervalued and almost forgotten. This is geared more toward youth and teens but all ages are welcome! Learning to change a tire, fix a pea trap, grow a garden, basic sewing skills, and so much more! Let us know what you think our young kids are missing out on learning and see how that fits into one of our classes.


No upcoming events at the moment
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